Allied Health Practice Development Mentoring with Owen and Sue

Allied health Profession

Self-Management Solutions provide the resources, expertise and experience required to support you, as a Health professional, in creating and developing your own ideal private practice.

Working in partnership with Self-Management Solutions, the key to success is your freedom to make informed choices in Practice establishment, development and continuous improvement for effective support of self-managed change.  With our support and the resources we provide, you will be selecting the type of personnel and protocols, that best match your Professional Practice circumstances, capacity, focus, challenges and goals.

Unique Tools for Ideal Private Practice Staffing & Continuing Professional Development

Human behaviour is habitual – so human behaviour IS predictable, especially when using HATS as the tool for continuing professional development and excellence in Practice outcomes

Why wouldn’t you want to know who is going to be the best recruit for the role?

More than a psychometric tool, HATS is a complete assessment system. Its predictive accuracy and customising capability make it a powerful talent management resource for all employers.

June Kitto, Harrison Assessments Master Distributor, Careerfit

Dr Sue Curtis, as an accredited Harrison Assessments Consultant, using the Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions (HATS) system, is able to provide employers of Allied Health Professionals working in CCSMS, with a tailor-made Job Success Analysis (JSA) designed specifically to assess the suitability of candidates and/or current employees, for the person-centred, collaborative partnership approach to challenges in self-management.

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The Job Success Formula (JSF), used for analysis of HATS On-line Questionnaire results to provide the Job Success Analysis Report,  was customised from a baseline Harrison Assessments formula by a national Expert Reference Group of practitioners and leaders in the field of person-centred care. More specifically, those involved in the Expert Reference Group, had considerable experience in CCSMS.

Through our Programs and Courses, we can now provide access to the first and only profiling tool for reliable and efficient:

  • Recruitment of the best people for the role
  • Engaging, retaining and managing staff for mutual optimum outcomes and
  • Continuing targeted professional development in the role of Chronic Condition Self-Management Support (CCSMS).

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Save time, money and resources for Your Private Practice

With Harrison Assessments as your recruitment and professional development infrastructure you can:

  • Reduce resume handling by 80%.
  • Improve staff retention by 50%.
  • And have 95% predictive accuracy for success in the role.

For a potential appointment of an employee earning $72,000 per year, savings in time, effort, and energy in making the correct selection of staff using HATS, and just two of the Reports, can result in a Return on Investment of $63 for each 1$ spent on those HA reports.

FURTHERMORE, it takes prospective employees only 30 minutes to complete the Questionnaire and then your Practice has access to a full suite of Reports for retention, management and continuing professional development that are tailored specifically for the employee concerned.

These Core Reports could include:

  • Interview Guide
  • Your Greatest Strengths
  • Job Success Analysis
  • How to Manage, Develop & Retain
  • Development for Position (Individually designed program of development designed around the two traits likely to have the greatest impact on increased satisfaction and success in the role for this person)

The HATS assessment system has already proven to be a valued asset for Practice Development in person-centred care, leadership and team learning, career guidance and succession planning, recruitment and retention of staff and ongoing employee development activities. This is no more so than in the closely connected areas of recruitment and continuing professional development for effective Practice outcomes. The current Job Success Formula can be further adapted to meet the specific requirements for aligning employee values and behaviours with specific organisational purposes and goals.

The Job Success Analysis is one of a series of HATS Reports that we use in supporting you in your Practice Development challenges and in particular – attracting, retaining and developing talented staff to achieve Practice goals in health outcomes.

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