Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions (HATS) System

harrison-assessmentsWith HATS psychometric profiling system as a resource for personal and professional learning and growth, you are much better able to understand and appreciate your strengths, challenges and opportunities.  By pinpointing developmental prospects, HATS provides you with the information you need to achieve or increase personal satisfaction, success, happiness and measurable job performance. Using HATS Reports in the Mentoring process, means you can have access to reliable information about the meaning and value of your personal strengths and preferences for positive change because you have an explanation of why things are the way they are. Armed with this level of self-understanding, you are able to generate options and plans for action as well as your own SMART goals. Individualised, self-directed, self-managed work programs are also available to meet your individual learning opportunities that have been identified in the analysis of your trait preferences giving you the option of taking charge of your own learning.

When you can name it – you can change it
When you can measure it -you can manage it, and
When you can imagine it – you can achieve it

With HATS Reports you can identify and name what you really want to be doing, identify and quantify what is blocking your progress and establish with certainty, what action can be taken to move towards achieving positive and lasting change in your experience of life and work.

The HATS system provides Reports in a broad range of languages and has been utilised by leading companies worldwide.

For the full story of HATS, visit the Harrison Assessments website.