Private Practice Development Mentoring

with Owen and Sue Curtis

Owen and Sue have collaborated to provide mentoring support for those professionals who are keen to develop and grow their Private Practice around self-management support. Together, they are able to bring to the mentoring experience, a diverse range of professional knowledge, experience and skills for your professional learning and growth.

Whole of Practice Development with Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions (HATS)

Using the HATS system, talent identification and retention is assured because people who will not only succeed in their role, but also be the perfect fit to advance their career within the Practice, can be identified with confidence.  More information about HATS at Harrison Assessments  

With HATS, we support you as an employer of Health Professionals, to:

  • Increase confidence and certainty in assessment of role suitability
  • Identify the person who was most highly suited to the role
  • Attract the person with the best trait preferences fit for satisfaction & success in the role
  • Provide vital information for effective support and management of the appointee
  • Reduce the potential for employee turnover & costs to the Practice
  • Give a clear indication of how best to engage and retain the appointee
  • Provide in-depth information for continuing professional development and talent enhancement
  • To complement the efficiency and effectiveness of recruitment for expertise in CCSMS, HATS will also be used in this Mentoring program, to enable you to achieve broader organisational productivity goals. This is achieved by using HATS capabilities as a human resources infrastructure, where your Practices will have immediate access to highly accurate and very specific information for achieving the best possible fit between staff preference profiles and requirements of a position.

HATS on-line questionnaire and reporting system, with the CCSMS Job Satisfaction Analysis, has been utilised by Health Professionals across all States and Territories, and in Practices around Australia. With the access provided by Self-Management Solutions Practice Mentoring program, you will be able to attain the successes that others have enjoyed.

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Easy Entry HATS for Building Practice Success

With our Practice Mentoring program, HATS staff performance information is integrated into your Practice activities and becomes part of the ongoing conversation about ‘how we do things here’. With a shared language for communication based on HATS analyses, everyday practical workplace experiences provide a very accurate picture of what is really happening and what might be possible to achieve continuous improvement.  With this organisational learning infrastructure, a no-blame, discovery approach can become the core principle for everyday practice.

With HATS resourcing to ensure employee success and satisfaction in professional roles, Practices can take a small step entry pathway to using Harrison reports such as Your Greatest Strengths and How to Manage, Develop and Retain (each staff member). The information in these Reports enables a whole of Practice focus on strengths, contribution and everyday professional learning.

With the type of information provided by these HATS reports, every day can be approached as a discovery day with planned toolbox talks:

  • What’s working well
  • What’s not working well and
  • What can I/we do to make it work better?

With HATS and our Mentoring support, every day can be focused on ‘learning-in-action’ with informed ‘toolbox talks’ designed into the daily schedules. This way of organising Practice activities makes it possible for you to create a dynamic and positive learning environment which optimises individual trait preferences and builds in your own performance ‘risk-management’ strategy for continuing organisational excellence.

With our Practice Mentoring Program, this is a very low cost entry and will be planned and sequenced to meet your organisation-building needs as they emerge because you will be the best judge of what is required for your ideal Private Practice.

HATS products can be purchased on-line, on a needs basis, with considerable savings for bulk purchases to meet emerging needs as the Practice matures.

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For an overview of what Harrison Assessments can provide – from comprehensive recruitment infrastructure to ongoing professional leaning and development and internal transfer system for optimum performance, you might like to take a look at the following video links.

More information about Harrison Assessments

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