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Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development for Allied Health Professionals programs in Self-Management Support with Dr Sue Curtis and Owen Curtis

Practice Development

Creating your ideal Private Practice

Coaching and Mentoring

Life Matters Coaching and Career Mentoring

Providing continuing professional development and supporting transitions in life and work.

You are a potential customer if you are a:

  • Health Professional who wants to build your self-management support capabilities
  • Health Professional setting up and building your own Private Practices
  • Person seeking positive change in your private or professional lives through:
    • Life Coaching
    • Career Mentoring
    • Career Transitioning
    • Transitioning to Retirement

At Self-Management Solutions we:

  • Respect you as a valued client
  • Recognise your preferred ways of doing things
  • Enable you to identify your personal strengths
  • Assist you to identify core values and focus on your strengths
  • Support you in your professional growth and effective use of personal strengths, and
  • Build on your ability to develop and follow through with plans

Our clients tell us that the success of our coaching and mentoring Programs is based on:

  • Listening intently
  • Communicating clearly
  • Working collaboratively
  • Valuing and using personal experience,
  • Opening up possibilities that are both important and achievable,
  • Asking the right questions at the right time, and
  • Continually providing appropriate and timely feedback and support

Self-Management Support Toolkit

self-management-supportThe CCSM Support Tool Kit is the core of all Self-Management Solutions Programs. This colourful and engaging Kit includes a collection of evidence-based tools for supporting behaviour change.

Please note:- For all enquiries related to registering for a course or purchasing our products, please direct your queries to Donna McCook at

CCSM01 Chronic Condition Self-Management Support

Watch this video for information about the CCSMS Kit

Few people can convey the fundamental principles and applications of self-management as comprehensively and with such ease as Sue and Owen Curtis. The shift towards a patient-centred health model requires each health professional to reflect upon and evaluate their own attitudes, beliefs, models and approaches to treatment – an often daunting task. Sue and Owen provide a clear road-map that makes this not only an uncomplicated journey but an enlightening experience.

As we learn and grow, we are always in the process of choosing to become who we will be

 Dr Sue Curtis

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