Action Profiles Structured Action Learning System

action profiles Aortran-logo-3ction Profiles is a structured Action Learning System for identifying, measuring and managing the intangibles of self-managed change.  This system enables individuals, teams and work-groups to measure and manage their everyday practice for more effective, efficient, productive and satisfying action. With Action Profiles clients are able to make explicit the core activities that contribute to individual and shared achievement.  Based on these core activities, clients create their own profile of action with dynamic, process-based, action-oriented indicators and measures, for the meaning and value of their current beliefs and practices. Self-Management Solutions is both the provider and accrediting body for Action Profiles, which may be accessed as a learning infrastructure, through a facilitated program of organisational learning.


Through her choice of resources and individualised processes, Dr Sue Curtis has identified and acknowledged the value of my personal qualities, highlighted my professional potential and inspired my career direction.  Sue has informed and facilitated my strategic journey of personal and professional transformation!