Life Coaching and Career Mentoring

with Dr Sue Curtis
Coaching and mentoring

Life Matters Coaching Programs

Life Matters Coaching Programs are founded on three key principles.

  1. Your life is in your hands and together, we can nurture and grow the person you choose to be
  2. Every person plays a major role in shaping the life they are experiencing life, and
  3. Where attention goes, energy flows and life grows.

In Life Coaching Programs collaborative partnerships, we focus on where your attention is going because this is the key to:

  • Intention and action
  • Inner peace
  • Happiness,
  • Satisfaction,
  • Success and
  • Personal well-being.

In our partnership for Life Coaching, we take the opportunity to collaboratively CHOOSE where to put our attention for meaningful and productive engagement. The secret to understanding how we are shaping our lives is to monitor where our attention is going.

The first step in the Life Coaching Program, is to consciously re-direct our attention towards the type of thinking and action that will help you to become the person you really want to be. As your Life Coach, I will support you in this process of redirecting where your attention goes by enabling you to:

  • Identify recurring patterns in your life
  • Gain certainty about what you really want from life
  • Focus your attention and energies on what really matters to you
  • Recognize and value and work with your inner strengths
  • Acquire the skills and competencies that you need to continually grow success, and
  • Experience the satisfaction that comes with achieving your goals and living your passion.

The first step is, knowing you have a choice

The second step is gaining the type of support you need to live the life you truly want to be living

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Transitioning to Retirement                                  

At Self-Management Solutions, we believe that Retirement can be the beginning of the life you really want to be living because each of us has within us, our own unique possibilities for a truly:

  • satisfying,
  • meaningful, and
  • purposeful life journey in retirement.

When you choose to engage in one of Self-Management Solutions Mentoring Programs for transitioning to retirement, I provide you with access to a wide range of tools for re-shaping, re-inventing or renewing your life experience. You are the true and only author of your life story, with the support of Self-Management Solutions, your retirement can provide a window of opportunity to discover and to grow, the person you really want to be.

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