Community Involvement

Owen’s Community Involvement while at the University of Wollongong

  1. The introduction of Exercise Science students within the Illawarra Area Health Service providing for the needs of geriatric and chronic pain subjects at Port Kembla Hospital and at Homeleigh Centre with respect to physical activity
  2. The evaluation of processes within BHP Slab and Plate Products Rehabilitation Program Model – changing the model of rehabilitation. 1987 -1989
  3. Vice Chancellors Commendation for Community Engagement 1989
  4. Inaugural Committee person of Illawarra Academy of Sport 1990
  5. The development and management of the Adult Fitness Program ( 1989 – 1994) conducted within the Illawarra Retirement Trust
  6. The development and management of access by IAS scholarship holders to the sports testing facilities at the University of Wollongong. Elite athlete assessment and program design – 1992
  7. The development of an on-campus Exercise Science and Rehabilitation Clinic servicing the needs of injured University staff and of local members of the community sustaining musculoskeletal injury. This Clinic is now reorienting to Complex and Chronic Condition management 1994
  8. The implementation of a Health and Wellness program within BHP IT resulting in almost $40,000 being generated through the Department of Biomedical Science or the Exercise Science and Rehabilitation Clinic ($22,000 1996, $15,700)
  9. Development of a post stroke program through Port Kembla Hospital 1996
  10. The development and promotion of a health and wellness initiative at Port Kembla Coal Terminal Pty Ltd. 1996
  11. Management of the Vice Chancellor’s Challenge Grant of $20,000 being for the development of the WINA System (Workfit Information Network Australasia, 1997)
  12. Development of exercise intervention for Indigenous individuals with complex and chronic conditions (2000) – Aunty Jean’s Good Health Team
  13. Expansion of Indigenous health program to two venues, Wollongong and Nowra 2002 – Good Health Teams
  14. Development of Exercise for people living with diabetes working with Illawarra Division of General Practice 2002 – 2010
  15. Development of Renalrobics, Exercise for people on dialysis – 2005
  16. Inaugural Vice Chancellors Award for Community Engagement 2006
  17. Development of exercise interventions for individuals who are pre-diabetic – 2006-current in conjunction with IDGP and Beaton Park Leisure Centre
  18. Team Leader – Falls Prevention Project – $520,000 total funding, DoHA 2007-8

Membership Of National Committees

  • Member of the Federal Government DASSET National Fitness Strategy Committee (1989)
  • Acting Secretary/Treasurer, AAESS (Australian Association for Exercise and Sports Science) 1993
  • Member of AAESS Membership Sub-Committee (1994)
  • AAESS representative on AFAC (Australian Fitness Accreditation Council) 1997
  • AAESS Vice President Exercise Rehabilitation 2001 –2003
  • Member Fitness Australia Board 2002 -2003
  • Member Training and Registration Advisory Board 2002-2004
  • Member Committee of Review, National Fitness Industry Training Package 2002-2004
  • Member Work Conditioning and Work-hardening working party NSW Workcover 2003