Continuing Professional Development


Programs for Allied Health Professionals in Self Management Support, with Owen Curtis

Self Management Solutions CPD Programs enable you as a health professional to more fully engage your service users in health behaviour change and in chronic condition self-management.

We have a number of on-line and face-to-face workshops that will provide you with a broad range of skills, approaches, tools and strategies for re-orienting your professional behaviours around patient-centred care.

We believe your consultations will be more effective when they represent a meeting between equals, a meeting between two experts, you, an expert in discipline- based knowledge, and your service user, an expert in ‘self’.

In your Professional Practice have you…

  • Found that simply telling your clients to make one or more behaviour changes, just doesn’t work?
  • Wondered WHY clients simply don’t engage with the steps required for doing SOMETHING to improve their health and wellbeing?
  • Reflected that you would really like to get a better return on the professional energy you invest in your clients?

Self-Management Solutions have been demonstrating for more than seven years now, that you will gain easy-to-use professional skills and capabilities from the experiential learning activities provided by our CPD Courses.

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You will be better prepared to meet Professional Challenges with our support through:

  1. Easy access to proven strategies, approaches and tools
    Self-Management Solutions has identified and collated a range of evidence-based strategies, approaches and tools that you can bring to interactions with your service users. With these recommended approaches and tools you can have a very real and positive impact on behaviour change in your service users.
  2. The CCSM Support Tool Kit
    Our CCSM Support Tools Kit is a winner because it has been designed by an award-winning educational board games designer. The Kit includes a range of tools that provide for unique reflective experiences, using visual images and kinaesthetic activities to reinforce and strengthen self-understanding and personal decision-making. It is colourful and easy to use as well as highly engaging for both health practitioner and service user, with fully integrated coaching tips, on the reverse side of each scale or finder, to assist you as facilitator of positive behavioural change. Through structured and clearly-sequenced processes, the activities in the Kit also provide valuable insights for developing shared understanding, about health-related behaviours and options for action, in a partnership approach.

Owen has been a professional colleague of mine for many years. When I was Head of Department here at CQ University, I facilitated and participated in the Continuing Professional Development workshop program conducted by Owen and Sue. I loved their engagement  with the participants in the workshop, the manner in which they personalised the learning, and provided opportunities for shared learning within the workshop.

Owen’s engagement with the Wollongong community as well as his lifelong commitment to students and the now Exercise is Medicine movement saw him rewarded by the University of Wollongong with the Inaugural Vice Chancellor’s Award for Community Engagement.  I know that Regional Universities such as ours need to develop deep and broad connections with the community. Owen’s vision and energy  while at Wollongong University resulted in placement and research opportunities that otherwise would not have been possible.

He brings that vision and energy to his current interests in CCSM Support, education and training of the next generation. Elders like Owen and Sue are what the future leaders in our field need.

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