Chronic Condition Self-Management Support

CCSM01 contains the Self-Management Support ToolKit


All CCSMS Kits include a comprehensive and practical guide for both your experiential learning and for ongoing self-directed learning (CCSMS Manual). The foundation tool for relationship-building in person-centred care is the Compatibility Communication System pack of cards – called the Vision Pack (CCS Cards).

This is the first tool that you will work with and the one that provides immediate feedback about the possibilities of this approach. See what the researchers in a Renal Dialysis Unit have to say about this tool and its surprising advantages in communication for patient-centred care. Link here to the research document

Nurse participant perceptions about using CCS Vision Pack ( in a Renal setting)

Following the patient interviews the two nurses who conducted the interviews were asked to participate in an interview together to capture their experience with using the cards. Specific questions were generated for the group interview. The nurses reported gaining a better understanding of the challenges faced by people on dialysis. They expressed their surprise about how open and honest the patient participants were in discussing their personal relationships and their financial struggles; commenting that the cards stimulated…more personal (non-dialysis) information. This contributed to their conclusion that the cards increased their own empathy towards the patient participants and that:… we can understand better and sort of try and make dialysis fit in with their lives as much as possible

By listening to the card-generated stories the nurse interviewers were humbled by how much the patients could do despite the restrictions of dialysis.

We recommend health professionals in other chronic disease contexts consider the use of images to improve communication with their long-term clients. ‘

Other scales, finders and charts included in the CCSM Support Toolkit include:

  •  MI Starter type Questions
  • Stages of Change finder
  • Decision Balance Chart
  • Importance, Confidence and Urgency Scales
  • Perceived Level of Success Scale
  • SMARTEST Goal Development Chart
  • Strength of Support Scale
  • Action Plan Chart
  • And a Putting it all together, process chart.