General Testimonials

Owen has been a professional colleague of mine for many years. When I was Head of Department here at CQ University, I facilitated and participated in the Continuing Professional Development workshop program conducted by Owen and Sue. I loved their engagement  with the participants in the workshop, the manner in which they personalised the learning, and provided opportunities for shared learning within the workshop.

Owen’s engagement with the Wollongong community as well as his lifelong commitment to students and the now Exercise is Medicine movement saw him rewarded by the University of Wollongong with the Inaugural Vice Chancellor’s Award for Community Engagement.  I know that Regional Universities such as ours need to develop deep and broad connections with the community. Owen’s vision and energy  while at Wollongong University resulted in placement and research opportunities that otherwise would not have been possible.

He brings that vision and energy to his current interests in CCSM Support, education and training of the next generation. Elders like Owen and Sue are what the future leaders in our field need.

‘Owen and Sue Curtis have for many years conducted regular professional development workshops for accredited exercise physiologists to improve their skills in developing client strategies to self manage their health, especially those with a chronic disease.   As an exercise physiologist in clinical practice, I found their capacity to impart their knowledge and skills through these workshops invaluable, and their enthusiasm for patient-centred care was of the highest standard.  I would have no hesitation in recommending these workshops to any health practitioner who is involved in the on-going care and rehabilitation of individuals, where improvements in their lifestyle are important factor in the management of their on-going health.

As a fellow member of the National Board of Exercise and Sports Science Australia I  worked collaboratively with Owen  in the early 1990’s and his commitment and enthusiasm to the or the growth of the exercise physiology profession was of the highest priority. Owen was involved in the creation of a 4 year degree at the University of Wollongong and his enthusiasm for the development of career pathways for these graduates was contagious’.

Few people can convey the fundamental principles and applications of self-management as comprehensively and with such ease as Sue and Owen Curtis. The shift towards a patient-centred health model requires each health professional to reflect upon and evaluate their own attitudes, beliefs, models and approaches to treatment – an often daunting task. Sue and Owen provide a clear road-map that makes this not only an uncomplicated journey but an enlightening experience.

I have known Owen and Sue Curtis from a professional perspective over an extended period through my capacity as past Secretary and President of Exercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSA), formerly the Australian Association of Exercise and Sports Science.

I worked closely with Owen when he was National Vice President of ESSA, in developing a range of competencies for ESSA members. This work entailed development of core knowledge, skills and competencies for members specialising in the fields of cardio-respiratory, musculoskeletal and neurological rehabilitation.

During this time, Owen applied his unique understanding of subject matter and discerning objectivity to confront difficult challenges. He combined an energised approach to problem solving with an innate ability to work collaboratively with stakeholders and members of the ESSA Executive to achieve the outcomes required.

Throughout the time I have known Owen, he has displayed an unwavering passion and support for the profession of Exercise and Sports Science and I regard his efforts as significantly contributing to the current success of ESSA in Australia.

Owen and his wife, Dr Sue Curtis have more recently combined their skills to design and deliver an engaging series of educational offerings provided to Accredited Exercise Physiologists and other Medical and Allied Health professionals.

Their vision, passion and competence in the effective delivery of concepts and knowledge have made them sought after presenters at national conferences.

Accordingly, I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Owen and Sue Curtis as highly informed and proficient providers of educational offerings to Accredited Exercise Physiologists and other Medical and Allied Health professionals in Australia.