Life Matters Coaching and Career Mentoring with Dr Sue Curtis

I believe that every client has a limitless resource for more productive, meaningful and fulfilling life-work experiences. This resource is the core strength of individuals and their capacity to adopt new and increasingly successful attitudes and behaviours that align with what they REALLY want to be doing in their personal and public lives. With greater understanding of self, clients create choices that create opportunities for initiating and sustaining more satisfying and productive life-work experience.

Life Matters Coaching provides individual clients with practical programs for finding their way to a more meaningful experience in life & work.

These programs are designed for people who really want to identify how they can achieve a more satisfying and rewarding life, through informed self-managed change by:

  • Unlocking personal strengths
  • Reclaiming life’s purpose
  • Uncovering real potential
  • Discovering a passion
  • Focusing energies on meaningful, satisfying and fulfilling goals and
  • Transforming barriers into opportunities for success

For anyone wanting to bring about positive change in their life or their career, knowing they have a choice is the first step to making this happen. With my support and guidance, you will be empowered to create life choices that are right for you. When clients can clearly identify their strengths and their trait preferences, they are able to take the steps required to grow satisfaction, success and happiness in both their personal and professional lives. With this insight, clients can state with certainty that they:

  • are living their passion
  • doing work that inspires them, and are now
  • energised by the work that they do.

As we learn and grow, we are always in the process of choosing to become who we will be.   Dr Sue Curtis

Dr Sue Curtis has provided significant input into my personal and professional growth. Sue’s experience and insightful guidance is both practical and inspirational. (more…)

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