Mentoring Testimonials

What I gained from Sue’s mentoring was stability, clarity, belief and trust in myself and my decisions. I am no longer focused on rushing to a solution. I have quiet in my head and balance in my life and work. (more…)

Dr Sue Curtis has provided significant input into my personal and professional growth. Sue’s experience and insightful guidance is both practical and inspirational. (more…)

Through her choice of resources and individualised processes, Dr Sue Curtis has identified and acknowledged the value of my personal qualities, highlighted my professional potential and inspired my career direction.  Sue has informed and facilitated my strategic journey of personal and professional transformation!

Sue has a wonderful ability to communicate across all levels and cultures which has enabled us to build valuable partnerships

I am privileged to have been mentored by Sue Curtis over the past 12 months.

Sue has been an integral part of helping shed light on the ‘direction’ I want to go in. We have done this using the CCS Vision Pack Cards and the Points of You Coaching Game images, as well as making ‘sense’ of my front yard. What was a somewhat messy, jungle-looking-type area, has now turned into a pleasing-to-the-eye landscape. As a result, what is happening on the outside is having a positive effect with my ‘insides’, especially my head space.

With the assistance and guidance I have received from Sue I am better able to understand myself and the options that are available for me. Sue’s linguistic skills are second to none and her ability to ‘simplify’ has given me clarity to choose the best action for me, one step at a time. This awareness has meant I am less distracted and able to focus both my personal and work life on what I have said I really want. The results have been very rewarding and I am feeling an inner calmness that has previously eluded me.

In addition to the knowledge Sue has so willingly shared, she has also given me the confidence and opportunity to network with others in my same industry which has resulted in a growth in my business.

Thank you Sue, for so generously sharing your resources; written, verbal and practical (including your garden mulcher!)


I have 30 years professional experience as a Clinical Counsellor working with clients from all walks of life and life’s experiences.  Sue and I work in a co-coaching arrangement for continuing professional growth and learning.  The co-coaching sessions with Sue involve using the Communication Compatibility System (CCS) cards for greater personal insight into professional practice.  Sue uses the CCS cards in a more structured way which is for me, both an enlightening and productive process.  This experience gives me a new dimension of insight that enables me to continually develop the ability to renew potential for personal and professional growth. The fact that I can always access Sue for a follow-up session is a blessing in itself – my personal safety net.  Thank you Sue.

“I have had the privilege of working with Dr Sue Curtis since 2008.  She constantly amazes me with the depth of understanding she has of people and what makes us tick, as well as the impressive body of science and research that provides academic rigour and confidence in what she shares.  In that time I have employed Sue’s professional coaching services.  Is she a great coach? Absolutely.  However what differentiates Sue from other coaches is her ability to respect who I am, the journey I’ve travelled, and that the future is mine to make.  Sue helped me ‘make sense of my world’, an expression she uses often and  for good reason.  The process Sue took me through produced clarity and understanding of where I was in the present, and from there I could see options for the future that weren’t open to me before our sessions.  I will continue to call on Sue’s coaching expertise as a valued resource to my business and my career.  I appreciate her talent a great deal and highly recommend her to others.”