course work for profesional development

CCSM01: Chronic Condition Self-Management Support

contains the Self-Management Support Tool Kit


All CCSMS Kits include a comprehensive and practical guide for both your experiential learning and for ongoing self-directed learning (CCSMS Manual). The foundation tool for relationship-building in person-centred care is the Compatibility Communication System pack of cards – called the Vision Pack (CCS Cards).

This is the first tools that you will work with and the one that provides immediate feedback about the possibilities of this approach. See what the researchers in a Renal Dialysis Unit have to say about this tool and its surprising advantages in communication for patient-centred care. Link here to the research document

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Self-Management Solutions Accredited Programs for Health Professionals

Dr Sue Curtis and Owen Curtis have combined their complementary expertise to provide you with easy access to a unique Continuing Professional Development e-learning site for capacity-building in the skills required for a partnership approach to person-centred Health Care. The SMS On-line learning programs also provide you with your own discipline-specific Community of Practice discussion spaces. At SMS we believe that the opportunity for you to connect with colleagues in the same field of health care is an important contributor to effective learning in the professional capacity-building process.

Course Modalities – On-line and/or Face-to-Face

Our Continuing Professional Development Courses are provided on-line and /or in Face to Face format. We have chosen to offer them in both of these formats so that we are able to provide you with the opportunity to have a choice of delivery style. You can choose the face to face option with the benefits of gaining immediate access to the experiences of other health professionals in the field of CCSM Support, of sharing the enthusiasm for learning, and for professional networking.

Alternatively, for those of you who may be providing your services in a remote and rural setting and for whom travel to attend face to face workshops might be prohibitive, the on-line option may be more convenient while still affording you access to a community of practice and to on-line mentoring around CCSM Support.

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CCSM Support Tools used in CPD Programs

At Self-Management Solutions, we believe that for clients and patients to be empowered in effective self-management, we first have to provide you, the Health Professional with the skills and the tools to best support the people in their chronic condition health challenges.

These tools and strategies include:

  1. Evidence-based tools
    The CCSMS Tools Program provides you with a comprehensive resource of evidence-based tools and approaches for effective support of behaviour change. With the experiential learning activities provided in our Courses, these can be quickly and easily acquired and seamlessly integrated into your everyday practice.
  2. Capacity to achieve high level client engagement
    Insights you will gain from your experiential learning activities enable you to communicate the importance of health-related behaviour change for your clients, because with person-centred care, it is the client who will be arguing for the change.
    Integrated Evaluation Tools
  3. Each of the evidence-based activities includes scales and measures to enable you to create reliable and meaningful measures for importance and confidence as well as continuous improvement in these throughout the behaviour change process
    Adult Learning Styles for Optimising Health Literacy in Client Engagement
  4. Your experiential learning activities will open up the possibilities for you to achieve high level and resilience in health literacy insights for people in your care
  5. Strategies for Enhancing Client Self-Efficacy
    The CCSMS Tool Course provides you with key principles of self-efficacy and the pivotal role that this plays in the success of your client’s endeavours to achieve sustainable change in everyday health behaviours
  6. Communication Essential for Person-centred Care
    Your Course Toolkit contains one of the most powerful tools that you can use for high level client engagement and motivation to change. This tool is the Introduction to Motivational Interviewing with starter type questions, with coaching tips on the reverse side so that you can move into this style of communication with confidence and certainty.
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Community of Practice Forums

The on-line courses provides Health Professionals with access to a discussion forum where mentoring, professional support, inspiration and strategies for improving health outcomes with clients are aired and shared.

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