Life Matters Coaching and Career Mentoring

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Each of us has a logical framework of what makes sense to us, what is important, what works for us and what does not work for identifying and meeting our needs. We also use this way of making sense of things for keeping safe, for belonging and for maintaining our sense of who we are.

At times our logical framework can lead us to self-affirming, self-empowering intentions and actions while at others, this same logical framework, when used inappropriately, can lead to self-limiting, self-defeating ways of behaving and interacting with others. It really depends on the choices we make about what to do in the circumstances we find ourselves.

It is only when our way of doing things causes difficulties for ourselves or others and that irritation, discomfort or failure to achieve what we intended becomes evident, that we are motivated to start questioning the choices we have made. And this is when the guided reflection of Coaching and Mentoring can be very helpful because this process enables us to step outside of our habitual ways of doing things and to take a good look at the consequences.   Like the lenses of a pair of glasses, our logical framework determines what we can or cannot see as possibilities in the life we are experiencing and when we have the chance to examine ‘the glasses’ we have been looking through – new possibilities can emerge.

Life Matters Coaching and Mentoring Programs are designed around a uniquely individual response to each client’s way of understanding their world in their current life circumstances. While being responsive to the individual client, Life Matters programs are also grounded in proven and reliable structured processes for positive and productive action, making for a truly collaborative partnership for positive planning and action.