Privacy Policy

Self Management Solutions Privacy Policy

The Kind Of Business Are We In

We provide on-line and face to face continuing professional development courses and workshops for allied health professionals, with the focus on communication for effective patient centred care. Our services also include support in establishing private practice, and in coaching and mentoring for successful transitions in personal and professional life.

Self Management Solutions also provides specialist services in behavioural assessment for career decisions and employment decision-making. We use the Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions profiling and reporting system (H ATS), to help determine the best fit between a person’s experience/trait preferences and a career direction or a position within an organisation.

Our Objectives

Our objectives are to:

  • Support professional development of Allied Health Professionals in the area of Patient Centred Care
  • Provide mentoring services to professionals seeking effective start-up of their private practice
  • Assist private individuals with the choice of career or job to optimise success, satisfaction and meaningful engagement
  • Assist organisations in achieving the best possible fit between employee selection and role expectations
  • Assist employers to coach current employees in order to fulfil their job requirements to the highest possible level

Our Commitment to the National Privacy Principles

Self Management Solutions are committed to full compliance with the National Privacy Principles in all aspects of our business. These principles cover the following range of activities:

  • Collection of personal information.
  • Storage and disposal of personal information.
  • Use and disclosure of personal and professional information.
  • Access to and correction of data collected and stored within our system
  • Effective management of Identifiers.
  • Anonymity.
  • Transfer of information from Self Management Solutions to another person.
  • Performance and statistical research.


The Type of Personal Information We Hold and Collect

This is generally limited to three types:

  • Information that a person, either a job applicant or a person seeking career advice, provides about his/her own work preferences and experience. We capture this by having the person complete the Harrison Assessments questionnaire. The questionnaire also asks for personal details such as the person’s name:  this is a compulsory field to ensure correct identification. Other information requested by the questionnaire is optional:  this includes gender, age and ethnic origin.
  • Information that people provide so that we can contact them. This often includes telephone numbers, mobile telephone numbers, fax numbers or email addresses and sometimes home or work addresses for delivery of products provided as part of our educational activities.
  • Information gathered as part of the on-line educational courses conducted by Self Management Solutions includes :
    • Demographic information including Name, Gender, Age, Profession, Experience, State of Australia where work is undertaken
    • Years in employment, nature of employment and context of practice, identification of the most common pathologies that clients present with in professional consultation with the allied health professional
    • Current employment
    • Initial knowledge about Chronic Condition Self Management strategies and tools
    • Knowledge about CCSM support following completion of the on-line course

This information is gathered through the use of Survey Monkey. Information about the Privacy processes undertaken by Survey Monkey may be found at:

  • Case notes from private consultations in coaching and mentoring programs which are stored in locked filing cabinets


Why Self Management Solutions Needs This Information

We need this information …

  • In order to maintain contact with our clients and users of our services.
  • So we can determine the effectiveness of our on-line learning experiences, and how changes in professional behaviours resulting from participation in the learning experiences are reflected in different contexts of practice
  • In order to assess the eligibility and suitability of a person to a job, job type or various jobs using the Harrison Assessments profiling systems as the tool for analysis.
  • In order to provide on-going coaching and mentoring programs that build on the specific needs and responses of the person concerned as they change and grow over time
  • So we can research the impact of our professional interactions with our clients

How Personal Information is Stored, Transferred and Disposed Of

Personal information is never given to an unintended party without the express permission of the person profiled. It is only given to the intended party. By “intended party” we mean the person who requests the profiling to be undertaken.

All information is kept under secure conditions.

Information related to on-line learning experiences is stored on our e-learning site. This information is password protected with only Self Management Solutions staff and the individual concerned having access to it.

Information provided by a person who completes the Harrison Assessments questionnaire is stored in data format within the secure Harrison Assessments database, which is accessed via the Internet. Hard copy information is stored in secure premises and cannot be accessed by unauthorised persons. Internet data is only accessible by authorised personnel using a secure login and password.

When information is transferred, this is done by email to the profiled person.

Profile data is retained for up to 8 years unless removed at the request of the owner of the profile. When personal information is disposed of it is done so by shredding (hard copy) or by deleting the profile from the HA database.

Information related to performance ratings forms part of a profile. It is stored and disposed of in the same way as outlined above.

Share and Usage:

We will never share, sell, or rent individual personal information with anyone without advance permission of the person concerned or unless ordered by a court of law, or law enforcement agency. Information submitted to us is only available to employees of Self Management Solutions managing this information for purposes of contacting our clients or sending them emails or orders based on their request for information, mentoring support or guidance.


Access and Correction of Personal Information.

If a person has been profiled through HA by Self Management Solutions, s/he may request to have his/her profile deleted from our system and this request will be immediately complied with.

If a person has undertaken a Survey by Survey Monkey as part of the on-line learning experience, that information is available to them through Self Management Solutions and through direct access to Survey Monkey.

Our email privacy policy

Our Email privacy policy has been developed to demonstrate our firm commitment to your privacy and the protection of your information. If you receive an email from us,

  • your email address is either listed with us as someone who has expressly supplied this address for the purpose of receiving information in the future, or
  • you have registered or made contact through our website(s) or

you have an existing relationship with us through registration in our on-line or face-to-face workshops, or through professional consultations with Members of Staff of Self Management Solutions


Complaints Resolution

Self Management Solutions values and respects the confidential nature of the information supplied to us by organisations and private individuals.  We take every care to safeguard such information with regard to its proper use, storage, transfer and disposal. 

If however, you believe that we have breached your privacy you can complain to us directly by phone, email or post. Contact us at:

Owen Curtis

Director Self Management Solutions

2 Reliance Place Sunrise Beach Qld 4567

Tel: 0447654663

We aim to investigate and advise you of the outcome of the complaint promptly.

If you are not satisfied with our handling of your complaint, you may contact the Privacy Commissioner at:

Australia Privacy Commissioner Privacy Commissioner’s Office GPO Box 5218 Sydney NSW