CCSM05: The Tool Kit



CCSM Support Toolkit, $119.00 including postage.


Kit 1a This kit is available to health professionals who have completed CDSM01/CCSM01. The new CCSM Support Tools Kit has been designed by an award winning educational board game designer. It is colourful and effective in engaging clients in CCSM behaviour change.  Price includes postage and handling, to anywhere in Australia.

Our E-learning process provides:- 1. An On-line environment 2. Workbook and materials either downloaded or provided 3. Action-learning cycles for professional support 4. Links to videos and other material 5. Access to a Community of Practice 6. The opportunity to provide valuable information through posts to the site. 7. On-line quizzes to demonstrate your new knowledge. This CCSM Support Tools Kit is provided for participants in CCSM01 Chronic Condition Self-management Support as part of the fees.