Self-Management Support Kit for Allied Health Professionals

self-management support

Self-Management Solutions Chronic Condition Self-Management Support Kit for Allied Health Professionals.

This kit is provided to participants in our CCSM01 Workshop/Course and is available for purchase by health professionals who have completed one or more of our CPD courses.

ccsm-support-tools ccsm-support-tools-detail
The tools include scales, finders and charts, as well as the CCS Vision Pack and stickers, and the Minimates.

  • The scales finders and charts consist of:-
  • MI Starter type Questions
  • Stages of Change finder
  • Decision Balance Chart
  • Importance, Confidence and Urgency Scales
  • Perceived Level of Success Scale
  • SMARTEST Goal Development Chart
  • Strength of Support Scale
  • Action Plan Chart
  • And a Putting it All Together, process chart.