Six Essential Conditions of Effective Practice in CCSM (CCSM02)


The content in this on-line course is organised around a set of underlying beliefs about the nature of effective self-management support. These beliefs include:-

  1. Effective CCSM support and effective service user self-management are both processes that involve communication between you and your service user. Effective support by you, and self management by your service user, will result in continuous, mutual learning and growth where both you and your service user benefit
  2. Effective CCSM support requires the building of a relationship based on the principles of adult learning. These principles are essential for optimising mutual learning and growth between adults
  3. Your capacity to support your service user in developing meaningful and purposeful engagement in self-management will influence your service user’s level of success in CCSM
  4. Structured learning-in-action and feedback that you provide to us will provide the data to enable us to identify a range of best practice options for each of the professional contexts of practice where you and other allied health professionals provide CCSMS for service users.

This Course focuses attention on the strategic use of the 6 essential conditions required for effective behaviour change:

  • Motivation
  • Attention
  • Responsibility
  • Purpose
  • Authority and
  • Resilience (MAR and PAR).


In this Course you are provided with the strategies and tools that you can use to best support your service user in better managing both themselves and their circumstances to create these essential conditions for successful behaviour change. To the extent that this type of support is absent from health care, improved health outcomes from self-managed change are likely to be compromised.

This course enables you as a health professional to develop and value:-
Strategies and tools to measure and manage these important components of effective behaviour change.
An effective professional relationship with your client/patient.
A relationship between equals, and experts in their respective field

We recommend you complete this workshop following the CCSM Support Tools workshop because it applies this tools in order to measure and change MAR and PAR. Without a change in MAR and PAR, improved health outcomes will not eventuate.