Dr Sue Curtis

Dr Sue CurtisSue Curtis PhD, MStudEd, B.Ed., CAHRI

Principal Partner of Self-Management Solutions

Sue’s professional experience spans more than twenty years in facilitating self-managed change for people in both their personal and professional lives. Sue has supported individuals from a wide range of occupational and professional environments including: Clinical and Community Sectors, Higher Education, Heavy Industry and Small Business

Sue combines her rich background in teaching, mentoring, coaching and leadership practice, with qualifications and expertise in self-managed change. She has a unique capacity to both recognise and support her clients in achieving positive and sustainable change. Sue specialises in tailor-made learning and growth programs. These individually-tailored programs are strengths-based and focus on self-understanding for enhanced well-being, life transitions, improved practitioner-client partnerships, positive workplace relations and growth and resilience in career engagement.

Sue is a Certified Professional member of the Australian Human Resources Institute and a long-time member of the Australasian Evaluation Society (AES). She is an Accredited Provider and Consultant in: Compatibility Communication Systems, Chronic Condition Self-Management Programs; Team Management Systems; Australian Values Inventory; and Action Profiles.

Sue has published in the fields of Evaluation, Quality Assurance in Higher Education, Qualitative Health Psychology, Human Resources and Leadership Development and Program Evaluation.

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