Team Management Systems

team management systems

margerison-mccann-team-managementBased on analysis of types of work and work preferences, Team Management Systems Profiles provide individuals with insight and understanding about their own and others work preferences and preferred role within a team. The Profile Reports provide both visual and narrative analyses of preferences as a foundation for gaining insights into the consequences of these for performance, teamwork, workplace relations, productivity and enjoyment of work.

TMS is one of the most comprehensive profiling systems available for organisational learning and can be used to address to the challenges of: internal inefficiencies, conflict, staff turnover and poor communication. It has been used by more than a million people from over 160 countries around the world to empower individuals and teams and to open the way to high performance and sustainable positive change. Reports and workbooks are available in a wide range of languages and are backed up by both individual and organisational learning resources as well as a variety of on-line Apps for flexibility in delivery.

At the heart of TMS is a suite of simple, common sense psychometric profiles which can be used individually or as a fully integrated system.  TMS provides a shared language and framework for individuals and teams to recognise their strengths and challenges in the workplace, enabling them to create positive lasting change and achieve much higher levels of performance, satisfaction and success. It is practical and immediately applicable Human Resources infrastructure for optimising engagement, performance and overall organisational excellence.

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