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Ian Gillam BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD, AEP, Asp, ESSAF FASMF

‘Owen and Sue Curtis have for many years conducted regular professional development workshops for accredited exercise physiologists to improve their skills in developing client strategies to self manage their health, especially those with a chronic disease.   As an exercise physiologist in clinical practice, I found their capacity to impart their knowledge and skills through these workshops invaluable, and their enthusiasm for patient-centred care was of the highest standard.  I would have no hesitation in recommending these workshops to any health practitioner who is involved in the on-going care and rehabilitation of individuals, where improvements in their lifestyle are important factor in the management of their on-going health.

As a fellow member of the National Board of Exercise and Sports Science Australia I  worked collaboratively with Owen  in the early 1990’s and his commitment and enthusiasm to the or the growth of the exercise physiology profession was of the highest priority. Owen was involved in the creation of a 4 year degree at the University of Wollongong and his enthusiasm for the development of career pathways for these graduates was contagious’.

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Eileen Stewart

I am privileged to have been mentored by Sue Curtis over the past 12 months.

Sue has been an integral part of helping shed light on the ‘direction’ I want to go in. We have done this using the CCS Vision Pack Cards and the Points of You Coaching Game images, as well as making ‘sense’ of my front yard. What was a somewhat messy, jungle-looking-type area, has now turned into a pleasing-to-the-eye landscape. As a result, what is happening on the outside is having a positive effect with my ‘insides’, especially my head space.

With the assistance and guidance I have received from Sue I am better able to understand myself and the options that are available for me. Sue’s linguistic skills are second to none and her ability to ‘simplify’ has given me clarity to choose the best action for me, one step at a time. This awareness has meant I am less distracted and able to focus both my personal and work life on what I have said I really want. The results have been very rewarding and I am feeling an inner calmness that has previously eluded me.

In addition to the knowledge Sue has so willingly shared, she has also given me the confidence and opportunity to network with others in my same industry which has resulted in a growth in my business.

Thank you Sue, for so generously sharing your resources; written, verbal and practical (including your garden mulcher!)


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June Kitto

“I have had the privilege of working with Dr Sue Curtis since 2008.  She constantly amazes me with the depth of understanding she has of people and what makes us tick, as well as the impressive body of science and research that provides academic rigour and confidence in what she shares.  In that time I have employed Sue’s professional coaching services.  Is she a great coach? Absolutely.  However what differentiates Sue from other coaches is her ability to respect who I am, the journey I’ve travelled, and that the future is mine to make.  Sue helped me ‘make sense of my world’, an expression she uses often and  for good reason.  The process Sue took me through produced clarity and understanding of where I was in the present, and from there I could see options for the future that weren’t open to me before our sessions.  I will continue to call on Sue’s coaching expertise as a valued resource to my business and my career.  I appreciate her talent a great deal and highly recommend her to others.”

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Dr Phil Hamdorf

I have known Owen and Sue Curtis from a professional perspective over an extended period through my capacity as past Secretary and President of Exercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSA), formerly the Australian Association of Exercise and Sports Science.

I worked closely with Owen when he was National Vice President of ESSA, in developing a range of competencies for ESSA members. This work entailed development of core knowledge, skills and competencies for members specialising in the fields of cardio-respiratory, musculoskeletal and neurological rehabilitation.

During this time, Owen applied his unique understanding of subject matter and discerning objectivity to confront difficult challenges. He combined an energised approach to problem solving with an innate ability to work collaboratively with stakeholders and members of the ESSA Executive to achieve the outcomes required.

Throughout the time I have known Owen, he has displayed an unwavering passion and support for the profession of Exercise and Sports Science and I regard his efforts as significantly contributing to the current success of ESSA in Australia.

Owen and his wife, Dr Sue Curtis have more recently combined their skills to design and deliver an engaging series of educational offerings provided to Accredited Exercise Physiologists and other Medical and Allied Health professionals.

Their vision, passion and competence in the effective delivery of concepts and knowledge have made them sought after presenters at national conferences.

Accordingly, I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Owen and Sue Curtis as highly informed and proficient providers of educational offerings to Accredited Exercise Physiologists and other Medical and Allied Health professionals in Australia.

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Joan Scotcher

I have 30 years professional experience as a Clinical Counsellor working with clients from all walks of life and life’s experiences.  Sue and I work in a co-coaching arrangement for continuing professional growth and learning.  The co-coaching sessions with Sue involve using the Communication Compatibility System (CCS) cards for greater personal insight into professional practice.  Sue uses the CCS cards in a more structured way which is for me, both an enlightening and productive process.  This experience gives me a new dimension of insight that enables me to continually develop the ability to renew potential for personal and professional growth. The fact that I can always access Sue for a follow-up session is a blessing in itself – my personal safety net.  Thank you Sue.

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Ass Prof Peter Reaburn

Owen has been a professional colleague of mine for many years. When I was Head of Department here at CQ University, I facilitated and participated in the Continuing Professional Development workshop program conducted by Owen and Sue. I loved their engagement  with the participants in the workshop, the manner in which they personalised the learning, and provided opportunities for shared learning within the workshop.

Owen’s engagement with the Wollongong community as well as his lifelong commitment to students and the now Exercise is Medicine movement saw him rewarded by the University of Wollongong with the Inaugural Vice Chancellor’s Award for Community Engagement.  I know that Regional Universities such as ours need to develop deep and broad connections with the community. Owen’s vision and energy  while at Wollongong University resulted in placement and research opportunities that otherwise would not have been possible.

He brings that vision and energy to his current interests in CCSM Support, education and training of the next generation. Elders like Owen and Sue are what the future leaders in our field need.

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Karelynne Randall

Through her choice of resources and individualised processes, Dr Sue Curtis has identified and acknowledged the value of my personal qualities, highlighted my professional potential and inspired my career direction.  Sue has informed and facilitated my strategic journey of personal and professional transformation!

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On-line participant

The use of the CCS cards provided me with a real insight into her feelings of needing help to deal with the condition and the worry of the loss of money due to not being as functional as she would like. This added worry was interesting as I feel she would be unable to recover completely if she saw herself as a non functional adult’. The benefit gained from the use of the cards was a real positive as, not only was it a valuable time of  communication between us, it also gave me the opportunity to understand her current feelings towards her condition 

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Lyndon Smith

Thanks Owen. This course has been truly insightful and has helped me identify areas of focus, as well as processes that enhance service user focus.

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on-line participant

I love how the action plan solidifies the discussion in to a sequential and logical process the client can reflect on. It gives them food for thought but more importantly they see what they’ve identified start to take place which motivates them to keep going. It then provides a checkpoint for re-review how it’s working and identify ways to increase its effectiveness. I love how when reviewing their progress it’s always positive. They may have reached a partial goal, or even If they haven’t, it gives us a chance to collaboratively investigate the why it happened and how can we improve. It provides a building block for successful behavior change which the client continues to build and build with the right support. Did I mention it continues to assist identifying ongoing needed support as well?  Is there anything it can’t do???

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online participant

‘My client was more engaged and invested in this process than during previous consultations with clients in similar circumstances when the cards haven’t been used. Is a complete game changer in terms of it got the client/service provider relationship off to the best possible start and has set the tone for this client to be accountable to themselves and also myself as their service provider’.

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On-line course participant

The benefits to me as a Health Professional through participating in this online course (CCSM01) include:-

  1.  Gaining greater insight into how their condition impacts on their life and what they would like help with is very helpful. The CCS cards work time and time again in bringing to the surface this vital information.
  2. Using the perceived level of success is fantastic and one area i’ve failed to consider in the past, understanding how the user rates their level of achievement really shows true understanding and paves to way for effective relationships and positive health outcomes. Thanks.
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Off shore participant in the CCSM01 course

‘Thanks SO MUCH for your support and engagement in this CCSM Support Tools on-line course!

  • I liked that I could download the slides and watch them any time. Internet is very expensive here so I was able to download in the off-peak times and watch whenever I liked.
  • Definitely for me, the support from Owen was a highlight!
  • The videos of interviews using the resources were great.
  • I loved the content and the focus on the client.
  • Loved the course – thanks!
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ADEA Member

The workbook was very much appreciated – looks good, and the engaging interactive style of the presenters was very VERY different

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After using this series of tools on various clients, I have found the SMART tools quite useful, especially the barriers section which, at times, tend to reveal a deeper understanding of the clients’ individual conditions. The CCS cards have been particularly useful when assessing clients with mental health conditions because the tend to have difficulty expressing their feelings when they are so depressed

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Since the Adelaide workshop about a month ago, we have been using various tools as a compulsory assessment item. A senior EP modified the one given to us in the workshop to make it more ‘assessment friendly’. It includes SOC, MAR, PAR and SMART goals. We are also encouraged to use any other tools which may be appropriate for our assessment .

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Lyndall Dew

‘I am finding I’m getting some amazing results out of using some of the tools that you and Owen taught and it’s getting easier the more I practice

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